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  • Jeju's Clean Beauty Brand MAROHAN Introduces Camellia Essence & Cream
    Marohan, one of top clean beauty brands in Korea, today announced the launch of an innovative new collection of skincare products, Camellia Barrier Core Essence and Camellia Barrier Core Cream, made with locally produced Camellia flower extract. The collection combines the excellent antioxidant properties of camellia flower extract with useful ingredients to create healthy, radiant skin. Taking inspiration from the tradition of using camellia fruits and flowers for healthy skin and body among localities, the brand has been focusing on extracting and commercializing the active ingredients of camellia flowers. The camellia flower extract was produced by the subcritical water extraction method, which has recently been attracting attention as an eco-friendly technique. To launch the collection, the brand has partnered with researchers at the department of chemistry and cosmetics at Jeju National University and scientists at Jeju Industry-University Convergence Center. The products are using EWG verified materials, are DERMATEST certified, and are registered with the Vegan Society. "Jeju, known as the cleanest island in Korea, is rich in various bio-resources. Marohan is dedicated to developing and commercializing these resources as clean beauty products," said Ms. Kang Sung-hee, Marohan's brand owner and CEO of Dongan Co., Ltd. For more information about Marohan visit www.marohan.com or catch the brand on instagram @marohan.
  • Cosmoprof Asia Announces New Show Dates in 2022
    Cosmoprof Asia, Asia’s leading beauty trade fair, which was scheduled to be held on 17-19 November 2021 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, has announced the 25th edition will move to 16 – 18 November 2022. Considering the on-going uncertainty associated with the pandemic, and travel restrictions still being in place, the Organisers, in consultation with customers and industry stakeholders, decided to host the show in 2022, when international trade and business are expected to return and participants can enjoy the high-quality event they have come to expect. While waiting to meet each other face-to-face in November 2022, Cosmoprof Asia’s beauty community will have the opportunity to participate in an international digital event to maintain business connections and commercial interactions. From 8 to 16 November 2021, Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week will return to offer a match-making platform for buyers and sellers to interact with companies, view new product launches, place orders, meet clients and potential customers, and stay up to date on beauty trends and technology in 2021/2022. “Such a tough decision to move the date of the in-person event aims to guarantee safety and proper business conditions to our international exhibitors and operators,” said Antonio Bruzzone, General Manager of BolognaFiere Group and Director of Cosmoprof Asia Ltd. “For more than two decades, Cosmoprof Asia has gathered under one roof companies, buyers, retailers, and distributors from all over the world, who are interested in new opportunities in the fastest-growing markets of the APAC region. Our stakeholders deserve a highly performing exhibition during these tumultuous times.” “We believe this is the best decision for both exhibitors and visitors,” said David Bondi, Senior Vice President – Asia of Informa Markets and Director of Cosmoprof Asia Ltd. “We are 100% committed to delivering a high-quality event that will offer true value to all participants. We want all our attendees to feel safe and comfortable when returning to the show in 2022.” Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Asia will be an ideal showcase for the entire cosmetics industry, from finished products and brands to packaging suppliers and manufacturers, joining in Hong Kong from across the world. In 2019, Cosmoprof Asia hosted 2,955 exhibitors from 48 countries and regions and 40,046 buyers from 129 countries and regions.
  • BIO KOREA 2021 International Convention to Unlock the Secret of Future Technologies
    As one of the most important global bio-health conventions, BIO KOREA 2021 International Convention has garnered great attention from home and abroad. To facilitate the discussion on the future bio-health industry in the ‘COVID-19 era’, the BIO KOREA 2021 to be held on June 9 to 21 will evolve around the theme of “New Normal: Breaking Barriers with Bio Innovation”.BIO KOREA organizing committee announced the main programs, deep-diving into business strategies in the post-pandemic era.The Four Programs Focusing on Biohealth Industry and BusinessBIO KOREA 2021 Business Forum will focus on a virtual partnering system allowing attendees to schedule virtual meetings to maximize their business development and licensing potential.International participation continues to grow. Numerous companies from 20+ countries already joined and are expected to showcase their advanced technologies at BIO KOREA 2021.As an event involving various kinds of discussion, BIO KOREA attracts not only leading biohealth companies in Korea such as SK Chemicals, Chong Kun Dang, ShinPoong Pharm, Kolon Life Science, etc, but also promising SMEs like PharmCADD, WELT, Oncocross, Biot Korea, all of which are eager to grow their business. 24-hour meeting slots will strengthen your digital network across time zones. Also, company presentations will be livestreamed on the official BIO KOREA platform.The Exhibition will be held both online and on-site, as a hybrid format, which will showcase the cutting-edge technologies and products of exhibitors in various ways. 300+ exhibitors, from start-up to global enterprise, will be at BIO KOREA’s exhibition. Participants can meet on-site exhibitors through live streaming on the online platform during the event.There will be a Digital Healthcare-themed pavilion introducing the industrial rookies of Digital Wellness, Mobile Healthcare, Digital Therapeutics, Big Data, and AI, etc. Also, COVID-19 show room will show participants how biohealth serves as a cure for the pandemic.The Conference of BIO KOREA will consist of valuable expert-level lectures regarding the most pressing industry topics including Digital Health, Drug Development, and Post COVID-19. BIO KOREA 2021 conference covering 18 topics with 170+ speakers, will bring the most up-to-date conversations of biohealth both online and on-site.Invest Fair is an event where pharmaceuticals, bio, and healthcare companies that are advancing into the global market and developing new drugs introduce their leading technology, vision and strategy to the investors. Along with online hosting, it maintains the participants’ attendance with impressive lineups of 19 companies such as Lunit, Tium BIO, VaxcellBio and Genesystem.BIO KOREA 2021 will be available both Online and On-siteBIO KOREA presents invaluable information on the industry’s trends around the world. This year, the global audience will have a front-row seat to discover and see the latest technology. All BIO KOREA programs will be livestreamed from June 9 to June 21. The program at a glance is on https://www.biokorea.org/program/schedule.asp.
  • Bio-Health Experts and Investors To Get Together in Jeju For Industry Partnering Forum
    InrerBiz Forum 2020 (Photo courtesy of KDRA) The 19th InterBiz-Partnering & Investment Forum 2021 is taking place at Phoenix Jeju Seopjikoji in Jeju from July 7 to 9, attracting bio industry experts, enterprises, and investors. Organized under the slogan of "Consolidating the Global K-Bio-Health Position in Post-Corona Era Thru Partnering," the event is expected to provide a well-tuned platform for the exchange of innovative ideas and technologies relative to the growing bio-health industry. The forum will feature a set of practical programs like technical transfer consulting, patent/legal consulting, information utilization, Biz consulting, and so on. In addition to consulting section, the forum will provide presentation & IR section, seminar section, and buyer-supplier partnering & investment section. In the presentation & IR section, promising technology and items will be presented. In the seminar, there will be a series of presentations by domestic and foreign experts in bio-health field, focusing on issues concerning the consolidation of the global K-bio-health position in post-corona era thru partnering. The event is co-organized by 9 institutions including Korea Drug Research Association(KDRA), Korea Association of University Technology Transfer Management(KAUTM), Korea Invention Promotion Association(KIPA), Korea Health Industry Development Institute(KHIDI), Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology(KRIBB), Korea Association of Research Institute Technology Transfer(KARIT), Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency(KISTA), Soonchunhyang University(SCH), and the Commercializations Promotion Agency for R&D Outcomes(COMPA) "The event will be a great opportunity for bio startups, researchers, and investors to explore new chances to further their business goals," said an official from the organizing committee. Individuals and organizations who want to join the forum should contact the Secretariat with the application by June 15. For more information. visit www. http://www.interbiz.or.kr/.
  • BIO KOREA 2021 To Be Held As Hybrid Event in June
    The 16th edition of BIO KOREA, the reference B2B event for global biotech and health industry professionals interested in opportunities in the Asian region, will be held online from 9th to 21st June 2021 with an onsite show at COEX in Seoul from 9th to 11th June.In the global market, the bio-health industry is notching an annual average growth rate of 4 percent, higher than the shipbuilding and auto-making industry at 2.9 percent and at 1.5 percent, respectively. Especially, the Korean bio-health industry shows remarkable growth - its bio-health industry set a new milestone in outbound shipments with a 50 percent jump last year, led by robust demand for COVID-19 test kits and biosimilar products. With the record high export figures, the bio-health sector joins the ranks of the mainstay export industry for the first time in its history.The game-changers of the industry in Korea such as the innovative pharmaceutical and medical device companies, start-ups in the digital health and biotech industries, and K-Quarantine-related companies would be available to meet at BIO KOREA 2021.Based on the experience of last BIO KOREA 2020 which had been held only as a digital event, the BIO KOREA 2021 will run online and onsite as a hybrid format, running a digital platform available for all stakeholders unable to travel to Korea due to COVID-19.BIO KOREA 2021 will connect companies and professionals to find new business opportunities and enhance the capacity for global networking.Under the main theme of “New Normal: Breaking Barriers with Bio Innovation”, BIO KOREA 2021 consists of five main programs including Conference, Business Forum (Partnering and Company Presentation), Exhibitions, Invest Fair, and Job Fair.BIO KOREA 2021 will create an arena where in-depth academic knowledge and innovative entrepreneurial ideas are exchanged by way of a Conference and Business Forum partnering through the hybrid conference. Through the Business Forum, BIO KOREA has given the chance to partner with 600+ companies from the globe every year. It will also provide invaluable opportunities for general investors and the public to directly participate in the global biotech industry at Invest Fair and Job Fair.
  • Vault Creation Launches Polymer Filter Mask Vo Guard at b8ta in US and Global Online Mall
    Vault Creation, a company with unrivaled micro-etching technology, announced that it had launched Vo Guard, a respiratory protection mask to which the company’s developed eco-friendly polymer filter is applied, at b8ta in the U.S.Following its successful funding through Kickstarter in the U.S. and online sales performance last year, Vo Guard was introduced to U.S. customers for the first time through Silicon Valley and Palo Alto branches of b8ta.b8ta is a retail-as-a-service company with a chain of standalone retail stores, that helps customers directly experience the new and original products of ICT companies and startups.Vault Creation succeeded in developing a respiratory protection filter using polymer by applying the micro-etching technology (in μm unit) to the mask filter. In September last year, the company achieved its funding goal for Vo Guard, a product to which the respiratory protection filter is applied, by 404% through Kickstarter, a U.S. crowdfunding platform.Vo Guard, a mask created by applying fine holes measuring 5μm or less to a thin film, is lightweight, provides excellent permeability, and also physically blocks out pollutants. In addition, this product is economical because, unlike the ordinary disposable felt filters, the filter applied to Vo Guard can be washed with water and reused.The performance data and detailed information of Vo Guard can be found at its website. Vo Guard is currently available for purchase at Indiegogo InDemand, an online mall.Having won a number of awards including the selection as the Company of Excellent Technology in Korea, Vault Creation is a venture company that has secured unrivaled technological power in the field of micro-etching.Vault Creation is currently working on a research project for a transparent mask of which both the mask itself and the filter are transparent. As soon as the development is completed, the company plans to launch this product through Kickstarter and Amazon. Vo Guard: http://www.voguard.comVault Creation on Indiegogo InDemand: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/voguard-breathe... Website: http://www.vaultcreation.com
  • Jeju Fragrance Industry Research Association Founded
    Jeju Fragrance Research Association(JFRA) was founded on Wednesday at the initiative of Jeju National University's JEJU INSIDE Business Division to help foster fragrance industry in Jeju province by encouraging research activities through academia- industry collaboration.The research network is being founded to "bring experts from industry and academia closer through networking and co-research activities," said Professor Hyun Chang-goo, Head of the INCIDE Business Division of Jeju National University.Dr. Lee Hyun-joo (a.k.a. Jenny H. Lee), CEO of the Wellness Life Institute Co., Ltd., a natural cosmetics manufacturer based in Jeju, was elected as inaugural president of the Network.The fragrance industry has recently been selected as one of the core industries that the Jeju local government wants to strategically foster for the development of its cosmetics industry and provides various supports through JNU's JEJU INSIDE Business Division.
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